2019 shows:

Thursday April 4th

Head Of Steam, Durham UK


Thursday October 4th 2018

Filthy's, Newcastle UK


Sunday October 14th 2018

Blues Bar, Harrogate UK

Friday October 26th 2018

Verve Bar, Leeds UK

Saturday November 10th 2018

Verve Bar, Leeds UK


Friday January 29th 2016 

Zanzibar, Liverpool UK

Saturday March 12th 2016  

Bumper, Liverpool UK

Friday April 8th, 2016   

Zanzibar, Liverpool UK

Saturday May 7th, 2016                             

Verve Bar, Leeds UK

Sunday May 8th, 2016                                                 

Verve Bar, Leeds UK

Friday May 20th, 2016                                            

Zanzibar, Liverpool UK

Saturday June 11th, 2016                                              

Verve Bar,Leeds UK

​Friday July 1st, 2016                                                              

Milo, Leeds UK

​Friday July 29th, 2016                                 

Zanzibar,Liverpool UK

​Saturday August 5th, 2016       

Studio 2, Liverpool UK

​Friday August 19th, 2016                  

Party In The Park Spennymoor, Co.Durham

​Friday September 9th, 2016                                         

Zanzibar, Liverpool UK

​Saturday September 10th,2016                                            

Verve Bar, Leeds UK

Saturday October 8th, 2016                                      

Bad Apples, Leeds UK

Friday October 14th, 2016                                                     

360 Club, Leeds UK

Friday November 11th, 2016                                                      

The Primrose Pub, Leeds UK


Friday January 13th 2017

The Big Easy, Lanzarote, ESP

Wednesday February 22nd 2017                                                                        

Oporto, Leeds UK

Thursday February 23rd 2017                                                                                   

Bad Apples, Leeds UK

Friday March 3rd 2017                                                                     

360 Club, Leeds UK

Tuesday March 22nd 2017                                                             

The Packhorse, Leeds UK

Tuesday May 2nd 2017

Santiagos, Leeds UK

Monday May 29th 2017

Oporto, Leeds UK

Wednesday July 12th 2017

The Venue, Manchester  UK

Thursday August 24th 2017

The Old Red Bus Station, Leeds  UK

Thursday November 9th 2017

Verve Bar, Leeds  UK

©Conrad Ashton