An ever-evolving, no-frills singer-songwriter. Conrad Ashton shares modern rock music that is firmly rooted in the classic pop sound. A constant student of music, Conrad keeps a steady focus on designing eloquent lyrics that remain humble and relateable for every song he writes. The melodies, rhythms, and layers of his sound highlight current rock influences while giving a respectful nod to the decades and artists of the past. Falling into a genre he likes to call beyond basic rock and roll, Conrad Ashton balances the importance of the music and lyrics with poetry in motion performing to create his desired result for every tune. His goal is to spread the emphasis and the effect of each song to the listeners head, heart and body. By taking this approach to his music, his performances, and his writing, Conrad Ashton delivers true to life dance rock.


Conrad’s musical journey began at the age of ten while watching The Who on TV for the 2005 Live 8 concert in London's Hyde Park. Watching the way Pete Townshend, the guitar player from The Who, performed with such heart and vigor, inspired Conrad to get involved in the new school music course and learn to play the guitar. By the age of twelve, Conrad was studying guitar, writing songs, playing in local bands, and jamming with any musician at every opportunity possible. By sixteen, Conrad was taking singing lessons and working towards recording music for the first time. This consistent mix of education, practice and performance helped him to further develop his own sound and style as he learned the sounds and styles of many others.


His early writing drew influence from his anxiety and depression, while also helping him to work through those issues simultaneously.  As Conrad saw how his song writing could help him work through his own issues, he also witnessed the music and messages connecting with his peers that were sharing similar feelings. This dual impact made him delve deeper into song writing as a solo artist and attempt to become a solo act; writing his own songs. Fast forward to present day, this British working class singer songwriter continues to grow as a writer, a performer and a person.

┬ęConrad Ashton